S.COUPS (에스.쿱스)

seventeen s.coups


Stage Name: S.Coups (에스.쿱스)
Real Name: Choi Seung Cheol (최승철)
Nickname: 17’s Father, Beagle King
Team: Hip Hop (Leader)
Birth Year: August 8, 1995
Hometown: Daegu
Education: Seoul School of Perofrming Arts (‘14)
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Specialty: Rap, Rap making
Hobby: Reading
Training Period: 6 years


  • He’s one of the original Pledis Boys.
  • He was originally suppose to be a NU’EST member.
  • He was formally a member of ‘Tempest’ before Seventeen was created.
  • His dream is to become an actor.
  • His favorite Korean Singers are Big Bang’s Taeyang & Seol Kyung Goo.
  • He wants to meet Taeyang.
  • The singer he most respected was 2PAC.
  • He’s a black belt in Taekwondo (learned it for 7 Years).
  • He doesn’t like lemons.
  • He likes sports.
  • His ideal type girl is someone who can cook well and eat a lot.
  • He was voted by the other members as the manliest member.
  • He was voted by the other members as the member with the most experience (as a performancer/trainee).
  • He’s the dad of the group.
  • His favorite colors are Red and White.
  • His favorite number is 8.
  • He can be aggressive when playing games.
  • He said if he could add another member into the Hip Hop unit, he would add Hoshi so he could choreograph their choreographies for them.
  • He created his stage name himself. The S stands for Seungcheol and Seventeen. The Coups means big success. As a rapper, he wants to have his own cool name.
  • The meaning behind his real name is that Seung means clearly winning/winning and the Cheol means fair. It means to win fairly.
  • He says he hates to show his weaknesses but he’s actually very fragile inside. Unlike his appearance, he’s very affectionate, mischievous and passionate.
  • He says he’s most confident when it comes to power. He’s stronger than all his friends and hyungs, so he calls himself the Beagle King (being crazy).
  • His role models are Uknow Yunho, G-Dragon and Zico.



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