seventeen seungkwan


Real Name: Boo Seung Kwan (부승관)
Hanja: Fu Shèng Kuān (夫勝寬)
Nickname: Mr. Mic, MC Boo, DJ Boo
Team: Vocal
Birthdate: Janauary 16, 1998
Seoul Broadcasting High School
Blood Type:
Height: 174cm
Weight: 60kg
Hometown: Jeju-do
Specialty: Singing, Saving the atmosphere/mood, Writing lyrics, MC, DJ-ing, Vocal imitations
Hobbies: Calligraphy, Basketball, Musical singing
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Training Period: 3 years and 2 months


  • He was offered to join JYP but he rejected the offer.
  • He joined Pledis Entertainment in June 2012.
  • He shares rooms with Hansol the most.
  • His favorite Seasons are Summer and Fall. He loves when it rains a lot too.
  • His favorite food is hamburgers.
  • His biggest fear is getting no attention at all.
  • His favorite sport is basketball.
  • He likes goguma pizza.
  • He’s the member with the most nicknames.
  • He’s envious of Soonyoung’s charisma.
  • He’s one of the members with the worst sleeping habits.
  • If her could have a super power, he would choose Teleportation.
  • He is allergic to tomatoes.
  • He has the most nicknames in the group.
  • He envies Jihoon’s singing and dancing and Soonyoung’s charisma on stage.
  • He auditioned with Kim Bum Soo’s Last Love. He says the song describes him too.
  • His ideal type is an easy going girl with big eyes and is like a friend to him.
  • He says he remembers all the members birthdays.
  • Between salty and sweet, he prefers salty.
  • The meaning behind his real name is that Boo means ‘adult’, Seung means ‘success and ‘Kwan’ means generous. He wants to be a generous successor. He tries hard to be generous and loves giving energy to other people.
  • Since his first year of elementary school, he participated in Childrens’ Song Festivals which were held in school. Since he’s from Jeju, he never thought of becoming a singer. Luckily, he got casted via an internet video his teacher recorded of him singing at the song festival because he was singing his/her favorite song.
  • He is Seventeen’s nice atmosphere maker. If they are feeling down, he would go to the members and do voice imitations (ex. their CEO) to make them feel better.
  • His role model is Kim Junsu. It’s been over 10 years but he does musicals and solo activies and it looks very cool to him. He wants to be successful as a team and then show his solo activities.
  • He wants to be a singer who can run long with his members. He wants to prove that people’s prejudice for many-membered groups are wrong. He wants to be active from many sides. He says ‘don’t be arrogant and always be modest!’.
  • He says he’s greedy. He wants to be good at everything.


  • Appeared in Seventeen TV from 2013-2014.
  • Performed at Like Seventeen Shows 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Performed at Wapop Concert from August- September 2014.
  • Performed at SBS Awards Festival in December 2014.

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