THE8 (디에잇)

seventeen the8


Stage Name: THE8 (디에잇)
Real Name:
Xu Ming Hao (徐明浩) / Seo Myung Ho (서명호)
Nickname: Little 8, Fairy
Team: Performance
Birthdate: November 7, 1997
Hometown: Anshan, Liaoning
Height: 178cm
Weight: 53kg
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Break dancing, Martial arts, Tumbling
Hobbies: Break dancing, Martial arts.
Training Period: 1 year and 5 months


  • His hobbies are singing, dancing, shopping and watching movies.
  • He is a b-boy.
  • His favorite season is Summer.
  • His favorite number is 7.
  • He has been practicing chinese wushu since he was 5 years old.
  • His role models are his parents.
  • He is a Christian and Buddhist.
  • His ideal type girl is someone who is cute and kind.
  • He participated and won first prize at the National Children’s martial arts competition.
  • The meaning behind his stage name is that the number 8 is a number well liked by many people in China and when the 8 is laid down, the infinite sign appears.
  • He wanted to be a superstar since he was young. He got into an audition at school when he was in China.
  • He did b-boying in China for 6 years.
  • He always makes sure to eat his meals without skipping any. Even if he has to wake up at 3AM, he would wake up 1 hour before and eat.
  • His role model is Henry. He is Chinese and really works hard and efficient. He wants to be like him.
  • He said he watched a lot of variety shows when he was in China and he wanted to be a superstar, so that’s why he became a singer in Korea.
  • Between korean food or foreign food, he prefers chinese food.


  • Appeared on the Chinese program ‘CCTV Zhong-yi-jie-mu’ in 2008.
  • Appeared on the Chinese program ’Tian-tian-xiang-shang’ in 2010.
  • Appeared in Seventeen TV in 2014.
  • Performed at Wapop Concert from August- September 2014.
  • Performed at SBS Awards Festival in December 2014.

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