[NEWS] Pledis Entertainment Revealed that Tickets to SEVENTEEN’s December Concert Were Sold Out in Just a Minute!

[SEVENTEEN NEWS] 세븐틴 콘서트 LIKE SEVENTEEN - Boys Wish Official Poster

It was previously reported that boy group, Seventeen, is holding its first solo concert entitled “2015 Like Seventeen – Boys Wish,” at the end of December. The showcase is set to take place at the Yongsan Art Hall, Grand Theatre Mir.

The group’s agency revealed that the members have formed several teams and each will stage their own special performance for the fans. The teams were divided according to the members’ area of specialty. There would be the hip hop group, the vocal team, the performance team, and the mixed unit.

The official poster for the upcoming concert was also released to tease the audience. As written on the poster, the concert is going to run for three days -from December 24 to 26.

Nov. 24 was the scheduled date for the release of the tickets and Pledis Entertainment, Seventeen’s agency, announced that all tickets have been sold, a minute after the sales started online.

But despite this good news, Seventeen is still surrounded with not-so-good rumors, as they were reported to be being mistreated by their management agency. In addition, Pledis is being accused by fans of forcing the members to buy their own equipment for practice and performances. Then again, the agency did not say anything about this, and the members are also quiet so nothing has been confirmed.

Meanwhile, rumors aside, Seventeen is very busy right now. They have activities left and right and their fan base is growing as well. Entertainment insiders also labeled the idols as one of the fastest rising idol groups today due to their achievements while still a rookie.

ARTICLE BY: SG Kpopstarz


Article: Seventeen sells out their first concert in 1 minute after ticket opening… ‘amazing’

Source: OSEN


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