[STARCAST] Peeking at SEVENTEEN where they are working for the new album!

There was news about SEVENTEEN who were taking break after concert held in last February is in the preparation for the first studio album! How are SEVENTEEN then? Let’s peek at SEVENTEEN where they are recording for the studio album with DINO!


Shall we go and see what others do?

We are preparing to record the song we revealed a part at the SEVENTEEN concert “LIKE SEVENTEEN – Boys Wish” at the recording studio.

– Recording studio
It’s professional housewife MINGYU checking the lyrics of his part.
It’s JEONGHAN who is busy at practice and brainwash the members.
Hong Guitar JOSHUA who is walking one way while waiting for his turn.

– Recording booth
It’s WOOZI the customized director for SEVENTEEN who needs photosynthesis since he is staying in the recording studio and work station for long.
HOSHI who ruled dance practice room is upgrading the song at the recording studio today! HOSHI’s attractiveness 17 spoons

– Practice room
It’s DK who is serious than anyone else and ‘DK-like’ when singing.
(‘DK-like’: An oppa who has voice making listeners’ heart calm and has attractiveness as a senior)
It’s SEUNGKWAN the (wannabe) trendy entertainer who joined trendy color of 2016 and he is checking the harmony.
It’s THE8 who is becoming charismatic from a cutie receiving love from other members.

– Vocal room studio
It’s S.COUPS defending the monitor screen not to allow spoiler.
JUN is upgrading his skill through meticulous monitoring by saying one can be the first in the school if study based on the textbooks.

– Break time

It was Monday 6 pm, time to air “SEVENTEEN One Fine Day”! SEVENTEEN laughing out loud in front of the television while recalling Yeoseodo and Chengsando of last winter.

He was always there at the laughing point of ‘One Fine Day’. The youngese member DINO who is improving himself to be powerful quietly.
It’s okay if you can’t make fire, nor catch a fish. It’s okay as you are VERNON. It’s okay. Thank you.


It’s WONWOO who is reading whenever he has time to. Maybe he wants to be a man who reads a book for you with gentle and soft voice.
It was SEVENTEEN who are in preparation for the first studio album while being together always. You must be looking forward for their music and comeback performance, right? We’ll be back with an album describes SEVENTEEN perfect! Coming Soon!
Article/Photo = PLEDIS
※ All rights reserved by PLEDIS.



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