[OFFICIAL] 160509 Seventeen Fan Cafe Update

[OFFICIAL] 160509 Seventeen Fan Cafe Update

Wonwoo’s Handwritten Apology

Hello, this is Wonwoo

First off, I would like to apologize to everybody who was hurt by this issue.

I have decided to apologize rather than make excuses saying I did it because I was young or I don’t remember this.

Even if I wrote those posts when I was young, it was definitely something I wrote, so I want to apologize to SNSD*, SNSD* fans, and Carats who were hurt because of this. Also, I apologize to the members who have worked hard to become Seventeen.

If I think about it now, I have not been able to mature. I thought of the celebrities that came out on TV lightly and just threw those words out without thinking that it could actually hurt people. After I became a middle school student and started practicing to become Seventeen, I realized how much of a burden it was for someone to stand on stage. I learned that for one person to stand on stage, many people have to work together. I learned that people don’t easily get to stand on stage and how much meaning there is to it after promoting as Seventeen. I have sincerely realized how amazing SNSD* are to be where they are now, and I have learned to respect them. Also, after receiving love from fans, I learned how much responsibility you need to do this job, and I came to respect (everybody who does it.). I have learned that one person’s comment can affect many people. This is why I will reflect and reflect on my wrongdoings.

I will not ask for forgiveness. I just want to continue to reflect deeply for my faults, and apologize to SNSD*. I cannot lift my head up because I am so sorry for writing these posts without much thought, and I was very wrong now that I look back at it.

I will work hard not to disappoint anybody again. I will read every single criticism and advice pointed towards me and never forget it. Please continue to teach me.

I am deeply sorry. I am sorry.

-Jeon Wonwoo-

*t/n: He refers to SNSD as ‘SNSD seniors’

translated by @jihoon / @joshuas


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